Miracles from Heaven
Directed by Patricia Riggen
Starring Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson

by Ben McEachen

All things are possible with God. Jesus reminded his disciples of that astonishing fact, one already mentioned in their beloved scriptures (see Genesis 18:14 or Jeremiah 32:17 and 27). But how are we travelling with believing God still does the impossible?

Released at cinemas this month, Miracles from Heaven stars Jennifer Garner (Juno) and Queen Latifah (Chicago). Based on the real-life experiences of an American family, this “faith-based” mainstream movie focuses on the miraculous healing of a girl with incurable digestive disorders.

“A lot of people think we are crazy,” confesses Garner as Christy Beam, whose daughter Annabel claims Jesus healed her in heaven. This incredible event occurred after eight-year-old Annabel fell nine metres out of a tree and became unconscious. Her recovery included those disorders being cured – a “miracle” that bamboozled doctors.

Miracles from Heaven comes from the same producers as Heaven Is For Real, another movie based on a book about a real kid who claims to have visited heaven. That movie made almost $100 million in the USA last year, a surprising figure that might suggest Western World skepticism isn't as widespread as it seems.

Then again, assess your own reaction to hearing about these movies. Do you believe God really could have whisked two American youngsters up to heaven?

Whether He did or did not, allow “all things are possible with God” to stick with you.

Our willingness to accept how God works doesn't limit the work that God actually does. Even during our rational, science-based age.

This article was originally published by Eternity magazine. Click here for more Eternity culture articles.